MPC860 MMU Debug Registers question

MPC860 MMU Debug Registers question

Post by Michael Streshinsk » Tue, 04 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi all !

I use MMU Debug register of MPC860 for read memory regions

I write index in MI_CTR[ITBL_INDX], then write something to MI_CAM for
update it.
When I write to MI_CTR with existing ITBL index all pass OK and I get right
about this entry.
But if it is not used index , I get  "Machine Check Interrupt" with writing
to MI_CAM.

By the way, if I do the same operations with MD_CTR / MD_CAM registers, I
have no problems.

I work with Nucleus OS, MPC860 , MBX board.

Any ideas?


Michael Streshinsky.