unicode & Palm

unicode & Palm

Post by Constantin Zheltiko » Fri, 02 Nov 2001 22:06:21

Hi all.

If exists way to display multi-byte strings on Palm regargless of given
device language?



1. Unicode problem inserting records - Invalid UNICODE character sequence found (0xfc7269)

My first time using unicode. Based on reading other messages I think I've
got it all setup correctly but still have prob.
Running: psql 7.3.6-RH

$ psql -l
        List of databases
   Name    |  Owner   | Encoding
 devdb     | devuser  | UNICODE
 template0 | postgres | SQL_ASCII
 template1 | postgres | SQL_ASCII

I've tried two different table structures:

CREATE TABLE airport_code  (
airport_name       character varying(70),
airport_code       character varying(10),
) ;

and the same but with "text" instead of character varying.

For both I get the same results when I try to:

INSERT INTO airport_code ( airport_name, airport_code ) values ( 'Zurich
(Zrich) - Kloten', 'ZRH' ) ;

I get:

psql:airport_codes.sql:1728: ERROR:  Invalid UNICODE character sequence
found (0xfc7269)

Obviously I'd like to keep the proper German spelling.

What am I missing?
Gotta figure its me...cause PG is so damm good otherwise.

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