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1. Using Palm SDK 3.5 with CW for Palm OS R6 (on the Mac)

We're trying to use the 3.5 SDK with our CW for Palm OS R6 tools (Mac
version), but experiencing lots of crashes when trying to use the
debugger. Has anybody out there done this successfully? Which version of
the Palm OS ROM did you use with the Palm Emulator? For that matter,
which version of the Palm Emulator did you use - the version that ships
with CW for Palm OS R6 is the Palm OS Emulator 2.1d29.

The Mac is running MacOS 9.0.4...

When first installed, CW for Palm OS R6 comes integrated with the Palm OS
3.1 SDK - and this configuration works fine. But we'd like to be able to
upgrade to the 3.5 SDK and keep using the Metrowerks IDE, if at all


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