Memory Leakage in palm code

Memory Leakage in palm code

Post by pras » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 18:23:13

Hi all,
      How can I find out the memory leakage in my Palm code.Is there
any tool available for the purpose..Right now I am using SonyCLIE
emulator for my testing and in the Settings option there is no such
option to find the memory leakage..I read in some groups that with the
help of POSE Emulator I can accomplish this...But how can I get this?
I registered in the PalmOS site and I couldn't get it..I have a
registered Meterowerks Codewarrior with me..Will Metrowerks provide me
with some tool for finding out memory leakage?Which tool do you use
for finding out the memory leakage...Once when I run my application I
find 10-15 k without being released....After consequent 10-15 launch
the memory gets exhausted and I need to do a soft reset.....

I got the amount of memory being consumed this with the code....

endFreeDynamicMemory = 0;
   MemHeapFreeBytes(0, &endFreeDynamicMemory, &junk);
   ErrNonFatalDisplayIf (startFreeDynamicMemory !=    
endFreeDynamicMemory, "Memory Leak Occurred");

endFreeDynamicMemory  - startFreeDynamicMemory = ~15k..

I need to step in through the code to find where memory is not




1. II; Any 'generic memory leakage tool for C-code'?

Hello again

I apologize for a clumsy try to use another tool(Netscape) not
properly tuned in.

I'm searching for a generic memory leakage tool for C-code.

I want to use it in Microtec VRTX OS.

Someone heard someting about this once but don't remeber where
or when. But do remember that it perhaps was a freeware.

Our development take place in UNIX SunOs work stations and we
are using SPECTRA as a simulation tool for the VRTX OS.

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