Low Memory Error

Low Memory Error

Post by Stu » Sat, 30 Mar 2002 10:00:57

Hey all. This is probably a common type of error, but when I'm running POSE
with my app, I get a "Low Memory" error saying I just tried to reference
0x0000000E (which is protected). Are there some common types of coding flaws
that would generate this error (DB left open etc.)? I'm a little overwhelmed
when using the de* (Dorothy, you're not in VC++ anymore...) so I was
wondering what the best method is for tracking this down. Any help is always
most appreciated.

1. For programmers: "Low system memory" error.

We developed an app running under win95.
When we send the twain message  DG_CONTROL/DAT_IDENTITY/MSG_OPENDS the app
doesn't find the Scanners.
After tracing this weird error for a while, we found the twain.log.
There is a line reading "Low system memory".
Does anybody know what to do about it?

Thanks in advance,

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