Mac / CW 7.0 / POSE debug problem

Mac / CW 7.0 / POSE debug problem

Post by Szymansk » Mon, 05 Nov 2001 11:24:13

G'day all. Running OS9.0 on a Mac with USB ( and I have a Visor ... so
am stuck with debugging via POSE ). Two things are amiss.
1. immediately on the launch of POSE, it forces a dialup internet
connection. when this is cancelled, POSE does not complain, when it's
allowed to happen, no traffic over the IP connection occurs. serial port
is set to NONE.. why, how to stop and what's it trying to do?
2. Walking through the steps to enable POSE to allow
debugging on the desktop, I get a complaint that it can't do that 'cause
the appropriate de* nub can't be found. This was a straight from
the CD install without any changes ( twice ). Any ideas?

1. Debugging condiuts with POSE on Mac OS

I'm learning Palm OS programming.  I've created a Palm app and now I
want to learn how to program conduits.  I'm a mac programmer and I'm
running Mac OS 9.1, POSE 3.3, and I'm using CodeWarrior Pro 7 for Palm
OS and CodeWarrior Pro 8 for Mac OS.

There's got to be a way to debug conduits on the mac with POSE, but I
haven't been able to figure out how.  I did see some notes on doing this
under Windows, but not Mac OS.  Is there a way to do this?



To reply back, remove everything between the s and the d so it's sd.

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