yet still more debugger problems

yet still more debugger problems

Post by j » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 21:17:00

also, I have a dynamically allocated array
of type Object ** when viewing this as
'Object*[100]' which is in the types list,
I get this:

-array        0x00470074
 - 0            0x00470074
    +0        0x001422E8
    +1        0x001415A0
    +2        0x001415B8
    +3        0x00000006
    +4        0x00000000
    +5        0x00000000
    ...         ...
whereas I know the array to be filled with 6 elements,
indeed, in the expression watcher, it shows:

pot[0][0]    0x05F236F0
pot[0][1]    0x05F24240
pot[0][2]    0x05F23C98
pot[0][3]    0x05F24240
pot[0][4]    0x05F23C98
pot[0][5]    0x05F236F0

which is correct.
I dont see any obvious offsets, so Im missing something...