Serial over IR problems

Serial over IR problems

Post by Charlotte Henk » Wed, 28 Nov 2001 03:59:00

Hello all;

I'm working on a project with two components:  An application on the
palm that receives 2 ints via the IR port, and a small "beacon" that
emits two ints.

Looking at the IR output from a Palm, we see the spiky waveform of SIR
encoded data (apparently).  So we programmed a PIC to produce 2us
pulses (the spec says 1.6us, but that's as close as we can get with a
4MHz clock (1MHz instructions)), and built a data stream that embeds
the start and stop fields and does the zero stuffing.  The Palm can
see the data, but our app doesn't
recogize the data.

We took a look at the IrDA specs, and we've tried to match the
encoding (adding the stop and start bits, and the 0 before 0s), but we
still haven't had any success.  Has anyone cracked this nut before?

Thanks in advance for you time...



1. IR remote control via serial IR port

    Any VB programmers in the audience?
    I wrote a program in Visual Basic 6 to control all my x-10 equipment. I
added voice recognition so that now I can control the lights, music,
programs, and make phone calls with simple voice commands.
    The next hurdle is to control the A/V equipment. I have been searching
the net for days now, trying to find out how to receive and send infrared
commands through my serial IR port. The simple test programs I wrote can
accept input from a remote, so I know the hardware is working, but I get
different results, depending on  the speed I set the com port to, and often
pressing different buttons on the remote will give the same result.
    I buffer the input received through the com port and then send it back
out without changing it (I have the Pyramid set up to retransmit to the A/V
equipment, and the little LED flashes, so it is working) , but it does not
affect the A/V in any way.
    Example: I point the remote at the computer's IR port and press the
"POWER" button. In the VB program I can see that data was received. I press
the "SEND" button in the VB program which just sends back whatever the com
port received. The LED on the Pyramid flashes, and another LED on top of the
TV (for a remote keyboard) also flashes, meaning that the signal made it
from the computer to the A/V equipment.
    The TV does not turn on.
    Some people say that what I want is not possible, but I think that's
crap. If I take a sample from a remote and then resend it without modifying
it in any way, it should work. The com port speed could be an issue, though.
    Does anyone have any ideas? I can't believe that with the amount of
computers nowadays with built-in infrared that nobody has done this.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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