Scrollable Draw Window

Scrollable Draw Window

Post by The Capta » Wed, 07 Nov 2001 04:52:40

I'm doing a draw application and I want to make the draw area 4 times
the regular draw area.  I want to have a scrollable draw window.  I
use a single form with a menu bar on the top window beside the title
bar.  This form is constant and will not change.  I want to be able to
clean the original draw area too by deleting the draw window but no
the menu system.
I want to be able to scroll the draw area but not lose the menu on
top.  I also have been having problems with how to do a draw window.
Could someone give me some pseudocode or point me in the right
direction.  Thanks in advance.

1. Problem with scrollable draw widgets in AIX

We have developped an application to display images using IDL 5.0.
This application display the image and the user can perform scrolling
on that image. It works fine for SunOS (SunOS lagarto 5.5 Generic sun4u
sparc SUNW,Ultra-1). However the final platform is an IBM- RS 6000
running AIX. For this platform, when using the scrollbars the image
get in black while moving through the image. If the external window
is resized (using the window manager) the image gets back to its
normal appearance... until you use again the scrollbars

(We use the /RETAIN option)

Any idea?


Luis M. Gonzlez

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