PalmVx : File vs Multi Record

PalmVx : File vs Multi Record

Post by nai » Tue, 02 Apr 2002 11:16:05

Hi, all...

In Palm(PalmVx/3.5), I downloaded a file (size : about 120K) from
somewhere via TCP/IP.
As you may know, the limit of palm's record size is 64K...

Anyway, I want to process(some kind of conversion) the downloaded data
place it into
a DB's record..

I've tested for Palm's File stuff. It works fine in size, but I want
handle the data downloaded.
Palm file harden me to do such conversion. (e.g record can be accessed
while file cannot. - via FileRead())

Which way is the best to save downloaded data into pdb's record?
When the size of downloaded data larger than 64K(PDB's record limit),
 how can I handle this? Multi-record for downloaded data is resonable?
Please, let me know the way to do this..

I'll appreciate any comment.


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WinNT4.0 SP6a workstation, SAS V8.2.

I've received many (over 100,000) records that I'd like to read
into SAS.  They're variable in length, structure, etc., but I've
got all that stuff worked out.

Alas, instead of coming as long, variable-length records in one
file, they've come as separate files.  Many, many separate files.

Solution so far: in a DOS window,

   dir >

Then edit to create a SAS program with one call per
record/file to a macro that reads in the record/file with a DATA step
and PROC APPENDs the output data to one or more master files.

Is there a better way?  Can I get SAS to read the directory
and pick out the file names, one by one?  Or even construe each
file in a directory as a record in a single file, thus allowing
me to save 2N - 1 steps (where N is the number of files/records)--
not to mention some text editing?

Thanks in advance to all who spend time thinking about this!


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