help with carbon events please

help with carbon events please

Post by patric » Thu, 20 Jun 2002 02:18:33


after reading apple's web site several times, I still don't understand how
to use carbon events. ( i guess i'm missing something essential because i
can't find the mecanism that is translating message)

I'm looking for a minimal example , something like ( pseudo code here )  :

void main( void )

 myWin = CreateWindow( blabla )
SetEventHandler( myWin, myProc )

 while( true ) { }


bool myProc( event )
    if event == quit then
       alertbox( "The user wants to quit" ) ;
     quit program
   end if
     return defaultWindowProc;


thank you

help with carbon events please

Post by Bryan Horlin » Thu, 20 Jun 2002 09:51:29

Here's some window-level event code, perhaps it will help. You'll also
need a main event loop where you first call
InstallApplicationEventHandler and then RunApplicationEventLoop.

void createWindow() {
        WindowAttributes        windowAttrs;
        OSStatus                        err;

        windowAttrs = kWindowCloseBoxAttribute |
                                  kWindowCollapseBoxAttribute |
        err = CreateNewWindow (kDocumentWindowClass, windowAttrs, &border, &window);
        assert(err == noErr, "Error creating window");

        // Event handling

        EventHandlerUPP         handlerUPP;
        EventTypeSpec           eventTypes[] = {
                { kEventClassWindow,
kEventWindowDrawContent },
                { kEventClassWindow,
kEventWindowUpdate },
                { kEventClassWindow,
kEventWindowShown },
                { kEventClassWindow,

        handlerUPP = NewEventHandlerUPP(windowHandleEventGlue);
        InstallWindowEventHandler(window, handlerUPP, sizeof(eventTypes) /
sizeof(EventTypeSpec), eventTypes, (void *)this, null);


pascal OSStatus windowHandleEventGlue(EventHandlerCallRef nextHandler,
EventRef theEvent, void *userData) {

        OSStatus        status = eventNotHandledErr;    

        UInt32  eventClass = GetEventClass(theEvent);
        UInt32  eventKind  = GetEventKind(theEvent);

        switch (eventClass) {
        case kEventClassWindow:
                switch (eventKind) {
                case kEventWindowClose:
                case kEventWindowDrawContent:
                case kEventWindowUpdate:
                case kEventWindowShown:
                        // Do something here
                        status = noErr;


        return status;



help with carbon events please

Post by patric » Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:33:00

Thanks a lot !!!

I didn't know about the existence of RunApplicationEventLoop, it does not
appear anywhere on the pages i visited !

thank you !


help with carbon events please

Post by Miro Jurisi » Thu, 20 Jun 2002 14:19:54

> I didn't know about the existence of RunApplicationEventLoop, it does not
> appear anywhere on the pages i visited !

I am pretty sure that the Sample Code page
( has adequate Carbon Events samples, but
I am behind a slow link now, so I can't check for you




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I am porting a Pascal game to Carbon and the following trick used to work to
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SetRect(theRect, 30000, 30000, 30100, 30100);
theDialog := NewColorDialog (NIL, theRect, '', FALSE,
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