FS:Zen & Art of Resedit NEW with CD-ROM

FS:Zen & Art of Resedit NEW with CD-ROM

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Zen and the Art of Resource Editing : The Bmug Guide to Resedit
NEW! ,cd-rom still shrinkwrapped,4th edition.Published by Hayden Books;
ISBN: 1568302444
 Written by Schneider, Derrick & Hans Hansen. Expanded Fourth Edition.
Indianapolis: Hayden Publishing
Learn how to hack your Mac using ResEdit. Excellent book.     Sold
originally for $41 in Canada .Asking $12. Includes cd-rom, stillsealed!
You pay postage

Booksize: 8vo - over 73/4" - 93/4"

Synopsis:  ResEdit lets you custom edit parts of your Mac software, such
as icons, menus, dialog boxes, pointers, patterns, and more. Packed with
the hottest tips about editing sources, this book is the fourth edition
in the BMUG series. The CD-ROM contains resource files that readers can
use to implement into a system.


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