Window/Level vs Scaling

Window/Level vs Scaling

Post by Scott Campbe » Thu, 05 Sep 2002 06:17:01

Which operation is performed first?  Do I apply the window/level
values to the raw data before or after scaling it's display size?

Window/Level vs Scaling

Post by David Cluni » Sun, 08 Sep 2002 23:24:19

 > Which operation is performed first?  Do I apply the window/level
 > values to the raw data before or after scaling it's display size?

This was never really defined in DICOM, prior to GSPS.

When the pipeline for the grayscale image processing was defined
for grayscale presentation state in Sup 33 (see PS 3.4 N.2) a
choice had to be made as to how to describe this, and it was
decided to specify the point transformations (like VOI LUT aka
window center/width) first, and then the spatial transformations
to the resulting P-Values.

The effect of this choice when magnification is implemented
with interpolation is called out in Note 2 of section N.2, but
it was decided that this didn't really matter for all practical
intents and purposes.

So from an implementation perspective it really boils down to
which is more efficient ... interpolation and magnification
of 16 bit data and then having to window more 16 bit values to
8 bits, or windowing 16 bit values to 8 bits first and then having
to interpolate and magnify more 8 bit values.


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