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i have got the dicom.lib, iod.lib and iodbase.lib from University of
California, Davis:

At the doc link i found the dicom.doc (Rev.11.22.1995.0001 - Beta) -- the
documentation for the library.

But now i want to work with the lib and see, that the document does not fit
to the source code.

the Document says :
Normalized Complex Object Classes

class   CO_PatientRelationshipModule    :
        public  CO_Abstract
        BOOL                    Set ( DICOMDataObject * );
        DICOMDataObject *Get ();
        BOOL                    Reset ();

The procedure Set () will take only the elements defined in the module
description below, and remove them from the DICOMDataObject.

The procedure Get () will return a DICOMDataObject from only the defined
(used) elements from the description below.

The procedure Reset () will reset the Normalized object back to the initial

But in the souce code there is no Set () Function for a Normalized Complex
Object Class as follows:
class   CO_PatientRelationshipModule    :
        virtual public  CO_Abstract
                BOOL    SetIf ( VR * );
                BOOL    Morph ( DICOMObject * );
                BOOL    Reset ();

                // Constuctor (to set VR group/element tags
                CO_PatientRelationshipModule(CCO_Abstract *Composite=NULL);

Is threre some one, who can clear this different ?

Where can i  find a newer documentation ?

How can i use the new functions ?

Thank you for all help


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