DICOM talk help

DICOM talk help

Post by Kent Hutson - Radiology reside » Fri, 03 Jun 1994 11:58:38

Does anyone have images that I could use as part of a
"What is DICOM?" talk to residents and attendings?  
Ideally, image or Persuasion files - I'll make the slides.

I would really appreciate it since these would save me
a tremendous amount of time.  Unless you give me permission,
I will not redistribute any images/artwork sent to me.


Department of Radiology
University of Tennesse Medical Center at Knoxville


1. dicom transport errors talking to a Ge LXi

Hi all,
I'm trying to dmove images off a GE LXi and I'm getting
some low level errors.  Can anyone give me a hint as to
what the below error messages on the LXi might be trying to
tell me? My cleint and sever are based off the UC Davis code
running on linux.  Thanks,

----- snip ----

936983787       0       1       Fri Sep 10 17:16:27 1999        11002
        LXMR0   dcserver
dcscommon.c             193
DCM low level error:  Network error (508): lost transport connection
EN 174
SR 156
936983787       1       1       Fri Sep 10 17:16:27 1999        11003
        LXMR0   dcserver
dcspush.c               930
Failure to get DCM event:  lost transport connection (114)
EN 156

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