Problem with confidence bands in SigmaPlot

Problem with confidence bands in SigmaPlot

Post by James Stoke » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 17:42:38

Hi group,

If I generate a simple scatter graph with bi-directional error bars, then
fit a linear regression to the data, when I attempt to view 95 % confidence
intervals they are not visible on the graph?

Thanks in advance.



1. several regression curves + confidence bands in one graph

Dear all,

I would like to depict several regression curves plus the confidence
bands/curves in one graph. This seems to be impossible using the INSIGHT
('clicking') environment. What I end up with are three graphs for each
of my groups.

Here are some more details. The data is in 'csv excel' comma separated
format. There are three columns and several rows. The first column X
contains the independent integer values, the second column Y the
dependent integer values whereas the third column indicates the group
membership for each entry. (What is more convinient to indicate the
group membership - a number or a character?)

I am pretty sure that other people must have had the same problem. Could
you possibly provide me with some advice or even some code to prevent me
from re-implementing the wheel?

I am looking forward to hear from you. Many thanks in advance.


PS: The data can be very good approximated using quadratic regression.

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