Factor Analysis Question

Factor Analysis Question

Post by pohl.. » Fri, 23 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I am running factor analysis and want to retain and use the factor scores.
SPSS has three possible methods for obtaining the factor scores:
Regression, Bartlett's or Anderson.  Which is the best to use?  Is one more
commonly used?  If I understand correctly, with the regression method the
scores may be correlated.  With Anderson, the scores will be orthogonal and
uncorrelated. I'm not sure about Bartlett....and I can't find any
information on these different methods in my stat books.  Thanks for any

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Hi All,
I'm testing out a new leadership questionnaire that I developed based on
interviews and focus groups. There are 9 factors with 8-9 items per
factor. My questions relate to interpretation of the factor analysis.
I'm trying to determine the best number of factors through exploratory
factor analysis. Here are my questions:

1.  Do you only retain the items that load on a single factor?  If an
items loads on two factors does it have to go?
2.  Should all the items that are valid load on a single factor. All the
items are measuring some part of leadership, but the factors should be


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