Assertion Failed?

Assertion Failed?

Post by Shanno » Thu, 10 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I am computing 36 individual ICCs.  Every time I run my syntax statement
it gives me a box that says catastrophic error, SPSS cannot recover.  I
have tried to run the ICCs in smaller groups but nothing works.  Can
anyone assist me?  I need to have these for my major professor on

Thanks, Shannon


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Any idea what the following means:

*** Assertion failed: (PsGetCurrentThread()->StartAddress !=
(PVOID)KeBalanceSetManager) || (ARGUMENT_PRESENT(Timeout))
***   Source File: d:\nt\base\ntos\ke\wait.c, line 896

This appears to only happen in my event handlers and completion
functions (and only sometimes) when I make an IOCTL QUERY of the TDI
layer below me. (I do this only in debug mode to assert that the local
port/address are still what I think they are).

It's inside a call to KeWaitForSingleObject (in my query code) that it
gets unhappy.

thanks - dave

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