SPSS 11 much slower than 10 (Mac)?

SPSS 11 much slower than 10 (Mac)?

Post by Clemm » Mon, 09 Jun 2003 14:14:24

I have been using SPSS v10 on a Mac with a data set with 500 cases and
3500 variables.  Most operations are virtually instantanoeus. I
recently got version 11 for OSX. SPSS runs MUCH slower than version
10.  For example, if I go to the Analyze menu, go down to Scale, and
select Reliability Analysis, in SPSS v10 I can select a variable from
the left pane and it immediately highlights it. When I click the arrow
to move it to the right pane, it goes there without delay.  In version
11, clicking the variable in the left pane results in a delay before
it highlights it, and clicking the arrow to move it results in another

These delays are just a few seconds, but it really is hard to work
with the program. It's like trying to type with the characters showing
up on your monitor a few seconds later. If you click the arrow to move
an item from the right pane back to the left, again it is instaneous
in version 10, but REALLY slow in 11. It takes a full 10 seconds in
version 11, long enough to get the spinning beachball.

I can't find any settings in the preferences that could account for
this, and all my other software seems to work fine. The Mac is an 867
single processor (this model has the L3 cache), 512 mb of RAM, and no
other programs running.  Anyone have any suggestions on why this is
happening?  I keep thinking that surely software this expensive could
not have been released with performance this poor, and there must be
something that I just don't know about that would bring version 11's
speed up to that of version 10.




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