Macro Required > Nonparametric Tests > Post hoc comparisons for Kruskal Wallis test

Macro Required > Nonparametric Tests > Post hoc comparisons for Kruskal Wallis test

Post by Peter Edward » Mon, 26 May 2003 21:46:49


I was wondering if anyone has a macro to perform a post hoc analysis (such
as Dunn's Test) for a Kruskal-Wallis Test. Surprisingly SPSS will perform
the KW test, but even in 11.5 does not provide a means of analysing which
pairs of groups differ significantly. I note the SPSS web site suggests
performing a series of Mann Whitney tests, but Dunn's Test (Neave and
Worthington, 1988, Distribution Free Statistics, Unwin Hyman: London)
provides a more acceptable resolution. I note that Minitab provides this
functionality since version 9 or 10.

If anyone has a macro/script to perform these multiple comparisons then it
would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully
Peter Edwards
University of Sydney, Australia


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Hi there,

I have conducted a sereis of KW analyses on catagorical data and would
like to conduct post hoc tests to determine which groups differ from
each other.   Although I can run a series of Mann-Whitney U tests to
compare each groups with each other I was hoping for a more
parsimonoius method akin to that provided via the oneway Anova method
which allows post hoc comparisons of groups.

Does anyone know of a mthod or is there a macro that could do this?

Also,  is it possible to conduct a Dunn's test within SPSS (or is
there a macro) for examining post hgoc comparisons in nonparametric


David Kurzman, PhD

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