How plots a regression line from SPSS

How plots a regression line from SPSS

Post by k » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 18:25:09

Does anybody can show me to plot a regression line from SPSS

How plots a regression line from SPSS

Post by Bruce Weave » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 21:57:19

> Does anybody can show me to plot a regression line from SPSS

You need to send output to an Output window, not Draft
Output.  Double-click your scatterplot to open the Chart
Editor, then click on Chart-->Options, and check the "Fit
line" box.  The default is to fit a least squares regression
line.  Other options are also available.

Alternatively, you can use the Interactive Graphics
scatterplot and ask for a regression line:


   /X1 = VAR(x) TYPE = SCALE
   /Y = VAR(y) TYPE = SCALE
   /TITLE='Writing Ability' + ' as a Function of Spelling
   /X1LENGTH = 3.0 /YLENGTH = 3.0
   /X2LENGTH = 3.0
   /CHARTLOOK = 'Grayscale.clo'

Bruce Weaver


1. SPSS regression plots

I normally choose the normal probability plot and the studentised residuals
versus standardised predicted values plot.

The plots are fine apart from one thing - they have these really long titles
in large font across the tops.  These titles are integral to the plot, so
when I copy the plot (to paste into Word, for example) the titles come too.
And that's my problem: the titles don't fit properly in the graph picture,
so when I paste I end up missing around half the title (the right hand

Two questions:

1.  How do I suppress the titles?  The plots are produced from the
regression menu and I can't see a "suppress titles" type option in the
dialog box.

2.  If I can't suppress the titles, how do I reduce the font size?  Normally
I title the graph in the external package (I give them a figure number, etc)
above the pasted picture, but in documents that are for my own use I
normally forgo that step and I'm happy to use the SPSS-generated title - if
only it would fit!

Help please  :-)


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