Data file rewind error

Data file rewind error

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interested in porting SAS to SPSS.
using SPSS 6.1.3 for Win95 and SAS 6.10 Win95 and unix SAS 6.12.

finally passed the dreaded LIBRARY HEADER not found in SPSS
when issuing the GET SAS FILE....

my new error is the above "Data file rewind error" ;
how do I tell SPSS to rewind my data file and make believe
it's a tape drive?

any ideas?

i've ported SPSS to various flavors of SAS but I can't bring
SAS into SPSS.  i once talked to SPSS about this and they
talked about engine V5 which I did.  put the SAS files into
transport files, older ones of engine version 5, and even
made sure they were de-compressed so easier to read.
but so far i can't get SPSSWIN 6.1.3 to do anything.

Adam Sundor



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