Repeated measures with varying covariates

Repeated measures with varying covariates

Post by Richard P. Fo » Sat, 21 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I would like to do an extension of a paired t-test where each dependent
variable has a different covariate.  Using GLM this should be some form

GLM A B WITH X Y/WSFACTOR = factor1 2, etc.

How do I specify that I want A to be controlled for by covariate X, and B
to be controlled for by covariate Y.

Richard Fox


1. question on a repeated measure with a covariate

I was trying to do a repeated measure (1 within subject factor with 2
levels, and 1 between subject factor with 2 levels) with a covariate
(age).  After I performed the analysis, I found that the multivariate
result is VERY different from the data with the covariate and the one
without.  Moreover, I checked 'display main effect' box at the option
menu, and it showed again considerably different univariate (and
multivariate) tables from the one shown at the top of the result.
Does anyone know what went wrong???? TIA

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