Syntax window problem

Syntax window problem

Post by d.. » Thu, 28 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have a bit of code that reads the IPEDS 96/97 Faculty Salary data.
The data is contained in three files, so I have three 'data list'
statements with accompanying sort and save commands, and then at the
end match the files.  The problem I am having is with the third
data list statement:

file handle fsdata3
   /name='c:\irfiles\data\ipeds\96-97\fs\sal96_b.dat' / lrecl 415.
data list file=fsdata3
  / UNITID         1 -   6
    B1             8 -  17
    B2            18 -  21
    B3            22 -  31
    IMPB42         407 - 407 (A)
    IMPB43         408 - 408 (A)
    IMPB44         409 - 409 (A)
    IMPB45         410 - 410 (A)
    IMPB46         411 - 411 (A)
    IMPB47         412 - 412 (A)
    IMPB48         413 - 413 (A)
    IMPB49         414 - 414 (A)
    IMPB50         415 - 415 (A).

When I submit this, it does nothing.  However, if I only submit up
to IMPB46 it works.  If I submit the whole thing with the production
facility it works.  I have tried rewriting the last few lines, but
that doesn't help.  I looked at a hex dump of the file, no strange
characters.  Is this some quirky bug in the syntax editor?  I am



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Michael Kruger
Statistical Analyst
Wayne State Univ. School of Medicine

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