Frequency Table Formats, etc.

Frequency Table Formats, etc.

Post by JDisimi » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 08:00:35

I am trying to set-up frequency tables to run through syntax, but have
a few format snags.

-Does anyone possibly know if there is a way to set the frequency
tables to show only the Valid% and Frequency?
-Additionally is there a way to have the Valid% appear as percents in
the table without having to highlight the column and manually changing
the cell properties in the output?
-Is there any way to have the graphs appear along side the frequency
tables in the output?
-Has anyone used the excel viewer and what did you think of it?

Feedback is much appreciated,


1. Getting Formatted Frequencies in a One-Way Proc Freq Table


Quick question (I hope)...

Has anyone determined how to get PROC FREQ to allow formatting of values in
the table when there is no classification variable?

For example,

proc freq data= male;
        tables sex_male*sex_fmle / format=comma10. missing;
        weight awt;

This will format the values in the table using the comma10. format.  Fine,
dandy, pretty nice.

BUT, what if you don't want to crosstab...i.e.:

proc freq data= male;
        tables sex_male sex_fmle / format=comma10. missing;
        weight awt;

This will NOT format the values in the table.

So the question is, does anyone know how you could do this (without using

I know that if I use PROC TABULATE I can specify the formatting of all
values within the table,
but I would rather not use it for now.


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