Regression line problem in IGRAPH Scatterplot

Regression line problem in IGRAPH Scatterplot

Post by Bruce Weave » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 04:53:42

Hi group,
        I have data admission tools data and various GPAs for
classes from 1991 to 1999, and I have used the following
syntax to produce a scatterplot for each year with X = an
admission tool, and Y = one of the GPAs.

  /X1 = VAR(x) TYPE = SCALE
  /Y = VAR(y1) TYPE = SCALE
  /PANEL =  VAR(cyoat)

This produces a 3x3 grid of scatterplots, one scatterplot
for each year.  It also plots a regression line on each one,
and has two lines of text giving the regression equation and
the R-squared value.  As far as I can tell, I cannot plot
the line without the 2 lines of text.  And the problem is
that the two lines of text are situated on top of the cloud
of points, just below the regression line, and are very
difficult to read.  I know how to move them around (or
delete them) manually, but this soon becomes very tedious,
given the number of charts.

I was hoping that I could make the changes on one chart,
then save a ChartLook to apply when making subsequent
charts.  But the changes I want to make are not among the
properties that can be controlled with a ChartLook, apparently.

So, the question is:  Does anyone have any ideas about how
to automatically remove (or move) the two lines of text
giving the regression equation and R-squared values?  Does
anyone have a script, for example?

Bruce Weaver


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