Data Entry Programs

Data Entry Programs

Post by Pablo Salaza » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00

We are currently using SPSS DE 1.0 for data entry for all of our
projects and have run into nothing but trouble with it. The old DOS
version of DE worked fine, but several people are convinced that we need
a Win32 data entry program... Does anyone have any suggestions of
programs other than DE that are out there? I don't even know where to
begin to look.

Thank you,
Pablo Salazar


1. New Data Entry program

Hi SPSS-Users,
as the SPSS Data Entry is not sufficient for our purposes, we are going
to develop our own Data Entry Module.

- Should run under Windows 95/98/NT
- Should run faster than SPSS Data Entry
- Data entry with and without mouse
- 1000 and more variables
- Handles real, integer, string, text, logical and date variables
- ... please send me your demands

Maybe we're going to distribute this module. Is anyone interested?

Greetings  M. Vornkahl

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