SPSS 10 for Mac not compatible w 6.1 files

SPSS 10 for Mac not compatible w 6.1 files

Post by Jessic » Sat, 10 Feb 2001 06:03:19

Can't open output files created using SPSS 6.1 Mac version in SPSS 10.
Get error message, "Unable to open output file.  This file was written
by a later version of the software."

Also, when data files created using 6.1 are opened in 10 and changes are
made, we're not able to save the file without getting "Error # 1406 Save
Error when attempting to write a new file."  Sometimes the computer
freezes and won't respond to anything but a hard boot!

Using SPSS 10 on a dual processor G4 with OS 9.1.  Anyone experienced
any similar problems?  Tech support thus far totally non-responsive . .


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Is anyone using SPSS 6.1 reliably with Mac OS 8.5?  I can use it without
incident on 8.1 but not 8.5.  If anyone is using it reliably with 8.5 is
there is anything special that you had to do to get it to work? It crashes

thread frequently. Thanks in advance. Doug

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