SPSS printing conflict with Uniprint?

SPSS printing conflict with Uniprint?

Post by James Cassel » Thu, 31 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I've run into an odd problem using SPSS in networked labs here at the
UofL. I'm hoping that someone out there may have run into this problem

The computer labs here at the UofL use a print spooling system called
UniPrint. Whenever one tried to print from the SPSS output window (in
ver 9 or 10), it causes a general protection fault. Oddly enough, one
*can* print from the data window (or whatever it's called - I'm new to
SPSS, having just moved here from SAS-land at UNC-CH). The Printers and
drivers are Xerox Docutech n24 with ps3 drivers (postscript).  The
printer is using 600 dpi resolution.

Our tech folk have a service request in to SPSS Inc., but I thought I'd
see if anyone out there had already skinned this cat.


Department of Sociology
University of Louisville


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My bride started running SPSS 10 student version on an iMac. Printing
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Question to the group -- any other SPSS 10 Mac users come across this, &, if
so, any fixes? Second question, does anyone from SPSS lurk on this group?

Many thanks for any responses

Richard Wagner  editor/writer

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