Multivariate Data Analysis

Multivariate Data Analysis

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Hello everybody,

I need help with the following:

I have a dataset with the positions of fingers on a certain object. We
have the position of a particular point on each finger. For each
finger, we pick the x and y coordinates of that point. Furthermore, we
have 20 subjects and 5 trials per subject. So we have 100 observations
(20*5) and 10 variables ( x and y coordinates of 5 particular points on
each subject's finger).

The objective is to find the number of sensors to put on this
particular object and where to put them in order to maximize the
discrimination between the subjects. In other words, where is the
position of the best discriminating sensor? Where is the postion of the
second best discriminating sensor? etc..., and when to stop adding
sensors? (in other words, when it's not worthwile to add anymore

Any suggestions in how to proceed?

The data looks like:


Id: id
Trial: 1 to 5 (each subject holds the object 5 times)
XT: x coordinate of the thumb
YT: y coordinate of the thumb
XI: x coordinate of the index
YI: y coordinate of the index
XM: x coordinate of the middle finger
YM: y  ''              ''        ''
XR: x coordinate of the ring
YR: y "              "
XP: x coordinate of the pinky
YP: y coordiante of the pinky

Thanks in advance.

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1. Books on Multivariate Data Analysis

Hello everybody!

Does anybody know (a) real good book(s) on Multivariate Data Analysis, which
is really up to date (Structural Equatation Modeling, Neural Networks and so
on) and tells me "how to do it the right way"? Most books I know show only a
few aspects, have some mistakes (e.g. testig on H0 with alpha < .05 and so
on). Esp. references to research plans and methods or also research
questions (psychology, biometry, market research) and also to evaluation
(-research) maybe in the "scientist-practitioner context" would be very

With Regards,


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