icons not legible

icons not legible

Post by Matthias Nüblin » Thu, 12 Jun 2003 22:46:12

hi group

I have the problem, that the icons in the spss-windows are dot displayed
correctly (all windows: syntax, viewer, data). I get only some "coloured
snow" as icons and have to do everything in blind navigation (or wating
for the appearance of the context menu)..
problem is aring with spss10 and spss11 (German) on Win 98.

Anyone with the same experience?
And- more important: anyone with a solution?



1. ICON FIX CODE for VO2.5 - for icons which will not load.

Have you had difficulty importing some ICONS into the VOIDE yet other icons
programs and utilities can read them.  Well I did and it was a real pain.  I
could download all these icons of the NET and then VO would not accept them.

Well I have a solution in a small 85k Clipper 5.2e application that fixes
that problem..
(YES you can write a full Clipper application under a 120k)

If you have a resources directory which contains all your ICONS and other
bitmaps simply copy this ICONFIX.EXE into that directory and run it once.
You can run it as many times as you like and it will not break anything so
just leave it there and if you add more icons just run it again. I have
added a Shortcut to my CAVO area and it is simple Click when required.

How does it work.? It is just some simple low level Fopen/Fwrite code which
opens each icon and fixes the appropriate bit if required in the icon and
then writes the change back.  I could have done it in VO but the Clipper
version is much smaller.


Let me know if you have any problems.. but on my 1000+ icons it fixed all of
them in 18 seconds.

Phil McGuinness - Sherlock Software - Australia

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