Skipped data cells.

Skipped data cells.

Post by Johnny Lasle » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 09:11:35

When I read data from and Excel 2.1 worksheet into SPSS, certain data values
under variables are omitted from the new file.  How do I get around this?

Skipped data cells.

Post by Matthias Nüblin » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 17:43:24

Hi Johnny

sometimes it helps to change FIRST the format of the spss-vars and THAN copying
the data from excel via copy and paste. (or - in some cases - to change the
format in Excel first and than do copy and paste or read in data.)
Not very elegant, but it worked for me in the past...


Johnny Lasley schrieb:

Quote:> When I read data from and Excel 2.1 worksheet into SPSS, certain data values
> under variables are omitted from the new file.  How do I get around this?


1. SAS Graphs keep on skipping, skipping, skipping...

... into the future.


SAS V8.02  NT 4.0

Have any other SAS users had this same experience
using SAS GRAPH?

I am trying to put more than one graph on a page
within a SAS program using PROC GREPLAY and two GPLOTs
with identical BY statements.

For some data sets, especially 'large' data sets, my
paired graphs (using the vertical template one graph
on the top and one graph on the bottom) that the
graphs are not always in synch?

In this case I am using about 5000 data points which
produce 150 paired graphs.  Also, another set of data,
that was not that large, produced all the correct
paired graphs, about 30 of them, but produced 9 extra
graphs with the top graph missing.

I noticed that the 'error' graphs were being produced
in sequence, and if I re-ran the program the same
errors would occur.  It was not a one time occurance.
Nothing appeared in the SAS Log to indicate that there
was a problem.

When I separate the error data from the rest of the
data in another smaller data set the first set of
graphs printed out properly and for the second set of
data, the extra graphs were not produced.

For five other SAS data sets that were smaller no
errors occured, so the code seems to be sound, just
the assemblage of graphs freaks out.

The only lesson I can get out of this, is either run
smaller data sets to start or run the complete data
set, hope that no 'error' occurs and if it does then
re-run a smaller data set with the error graphs and
see if the new graphs come out ok.

Somehow this isn't so satisfying to me because the
code is correct (I get no message in the SAS log
(error or otherwise)).

Hopefully someone out there can help me out with this



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