Extract email adresses

Extract email adresses

Post by Griseknoe » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 20:33:40

I have a dataset with multiple rows of text. Somewhere on each row, there is
an email adress that I want to place in new variable. The complicated thing
is that one row can hold more than one email adress. However, I only want
the first one on the row.

I want a SUBSTR(SOURCE,START,LENGTH) function where START is based on the
rightmost occurence of an illegal email character on the left hand side of

Hmm... Not very easy to understand, I guess. But I have something like:

new file .
data list
 /text 1-100(a) .
begin data

end data .
exe .

And I want a variable that looks like this:




1. Extracting email adresses from a flat text file

Can anybody just give me a quick example of how one would go about doing
this? I am on the verge on insanity and I might already be over that

The input file contains names and email addresses.

The output file with all the names & addresses must be comma delimited
and listed one address per line

input looks like this :
0001616 | the hospital | box 11667 | selcourt | mulbarton | 1733 |

output must look like this

Please someone merciful :-)

Any examples , or a push in the right direction would be greatly

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