Fatal error msg, no explaination?

Fatal error msg, no explaination?

Post by Carson Bir » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 03:29:35

Hello, I was hoping that someone may have also had this error.  It has
happened unexpectedly.  It occurs when I try to read in a large text
file with multiple variables.  It occurs on SPSS version 10.0 , I also
have the trial version of 11.5 installed on my system.


ERROR MESSAGE FOLLOWS ******************************************

_ASSERT(ditype .ge. 0) failed in qoblin

Quote:>Error # 91
>An SPSS program error has occurred: Programmer's assertion failed.
>note the circumstances under which this error occurred, attempting to
>replicate it if possible, and then notify SPSS Technical Support.
>This is an error from which SPSS cannot recover.
>The SPSS run will terminate now.

End of job:  37 command lines  1 errors  0 warnings  54 seconds

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I have a 486 DX2 66  and I suddenly keep getting this error msg-
"An exception OE has occurred at 0028:60164201 in VxD. This was caused
from 0028:c000a1c1 in VxD- Hit enter"
After I do hit enter, I get :a fatal exception in OD has occurred at
F000:0000FFFF. The current app will be terminated"
This keeps coming up.  It is driving me crazy.

I thought that it might be video, so I changed out my video card. Still
the same. I changed out my controller card and still the same.

Any help would be appreciated.



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