How to setup VPN with 3com 812 ADSL router

How to setup VPN with 3com 812 ADSL router

Post by Alan Li » Sat, 11 May 2002 12:49:54

Hi All,

I have Win2000 Server and 3com Remote 812 ADSL router in my office. I like
to setup VPN, so that my remote user can access my Win2000 Server through
VPN. All the workstations surf internet and send & receive mail through ADSL
router. My office LAN is a private IP address, including my
Win2000 Server.
Is possible to setup above scenario in my office.

Alan Lim


1. 3Com Office Connect 812 ADSL router configuration

I am having trouble getting started with a second hand 3Com Office Connect
812 ADSL router. I can return it but will be stuck with USB modem forever if
I do :-((

The problem is that when I run the OCR-812 manager I get the menu inviting
me to select the router identified by its MAC number and enter the IP
address and netmask. No MAC address appears and the "next button" is always
greyed out.

The other strange thing is that when I start the program there is no login,
user name or password as described in the manual. Does this mean  that the
resets were unsuccessful and that I still have the old settings and the
default password was removed?

I am no network expert but think I have done the basics:

I reset the router by powering on with the reset button depressed for 5
It is all plugged in correctly, the alert light is not on, the power light
is, the ADSL orange status light is flashing and the LAN status light is
green for the slots that have cables inserted.
The MDI/X button is out. I do not connect a hub.
The 4 dipswitches are all down for a custom configuration demanded by the
setup wizard.
The ADSL configuration is fine as it works on the existing USB modem.
The local network has IP addresses of & 40. They work fine
when connected with a crossover cable. When plugged into the OCR-812 they
still are fine and the LAN works perfectly. The tray icon in win2k shows a
working LAN connection icon.
All the above has been duplicated on  Windows 98 and Win2k boxes.
I reset the jumpers to DHCP Smart mode, changed the IP addresses to
"Automatically assigned" and rebooted. The same menu is displayed as before
when I run OCR-812 manager. I ran ipconfig and found that my ISP had
responded to the DHCP request and duly allocated addresses.
I have a fixed IP address and plan to connect 4 boxes to the router.

The installation guide anticipates the problem and refers to the Online
User's guide section on troubleshooting.This rather vaguely refers to LAN
problems and suggests I might not have a local IP address. As the router
appears to work as a LAN hub this cannot be the problem.

I plugged in the  9 pin serial cable and ran Telnet but got
no response.

I would be very grateful if someone could give me a pointer or two. Nothing
would be too obvious to tell me as I am a beginner at networking. Could it
be some sort of firmware protection as the router was originally supplied by
another Telco as a promotional offer to new customers.... or do I have a
very expensive ethernet hub?

Thanks guys,


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