Network Browsing Answered

Network Browsing Answered

Post by Barracud » Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:20:29

To be able to browse the network over a VPN connection there are several
things you need.

For Microsoft networks, you need a WINS server running on the network you
are trying to access. This address must be configured in your TCP/IP setting
for both the DUN and dial-up adapter.

Next, on Windows 95/98/ME, you must have File and Print Sharing installed. I
would recommend only selecting the option to share printers and not files.
Under the Properties of FPS, set the selection of Master Browser to
DISABLED. This forces the "browser" (i.e. Network Neighborhood) to look to
the WINS server every time.

On NT/2000, you must edit the registry. Under
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters set IsDomainMaster
and MaintainServerList equal to FALSE.

I have been telling our customers this for some time now and it all works


1. Remote Access doesn't answer, Network browsing runs out of memory, etc

Problem 1:

I have 2 computers running WFW 3.11.  I have Remote Access configured correctly
for both computers.  I can run Terminal on both computers, and they will each
auto-answer on the first ring (in terminal).  With Remote Access, they will
both pick up the phone and dial, but the other computer (also running Remote
Access) will not answer the phone.  The information in the modem.inf file
appears correct.  I have even modified the INIT entry to enable auto-answer
on the first ring.  What is going on here?

Problem 2:

I have 8 mb of ram, 16 mb permenant swap file.  According to Program Manager/
Help/About, I have around 20000kb free memory, and anywhere from 55% to 70%
free system resources.  I frequently get an "out of memory" message when I
browse the net (looking for a drive to connect, or a user, etc).  It appears
that I must increase the system resources to fix this problem (?). How can
I do that?

Problem 3:

While sending Pop-up messages to a certain user, I get:
"An error occurred while sending the message.  The message alias
cannot be found on the lan."  I pick the user's name from the
pop-up browse list.  Other computers on the lan send messages
to the same person with no such error.  I can also connect to this
person's shared drives with no errors.  What's happening here?

Please e-mail any resonses, as our news server is currently maintaining
only 30-odd messages per news-group, and I can't read news often
enough to keep up with that kind of cancellation rate.  Any responses
are appreciated.


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