Help! Ascend VPN kills telnet sessions

Help! Ascend VPN kills telnet sessions

Post by Stuart D. Gathma » Tue, 24 Aug 1999 04:00:00

We have Ascend Pipeline 50 with the 6.1.19 software version.  We have the
Secure Connect option with 3DES purchased and enabled.  Our VPN is working
perfectly with one exception.  On every VPN link, TCP sessions are subjected
to an apparently random activity timeout.  For example, if I telnet across the
VPN, as long as I press a key every 5 minutes or so, the connection stays up
indefinitely.  If there is no activity, the session is killed by the router
with no logging or explanation.

This is killing us!  Ascend tech support suggested changing some of the
numbers in the FWTEMPL.DAT.  They didn't have any documentation - just change
them until it works better.  Since it takes about 1/2 hr per experiment, this
approach is impractical.


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1. Help: What's killing my telnet sessions?

[ Mmmm...  Line eater food... ]

        I am largely a novice when it comes to Windows-95, so please bear
with me.

        I have a PC parked on our company's LAN, and I am attempting to
telnet into an internal UNIX server.  Normally, back when I had an X
terminal in my cube, I would leave these sessions running for days at a
time.  However, on the PC, something is causing the sessions to
spontaneously disconnect, which means I have to log back in and re-establish
my environment.

        I've looked at every menu in the telnet clients I have for some
option that would keep connections active.  Nothing.  Even a copy of eXceed,
a X server, also drops xterm sessions after a period of inactivity, even
when I've checked the "keep alive" option.  Telnet sessions opened on my
Amiga to the exact same UNIX server stay alive for weeks, so I doubt it's
the server doing it.

        I have looked and looked and looked for some configuration option in
Windows itself that would cause it to break idle TCP/IP connections, but I
can't find it.  Does it exist?  Where is it and how do I turn it *off*?  If
I have to keep restarting my telnet sessions every morning, then living with
this PC is going to be very irritating.

        My sincerest thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.


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