Netgear FR318 VPN Client

Netgear FR318 VPN Client

Post by KL Wo » Sat, 06 Jul 2002 21:45:41

Do anybody know what is the 'VPN CLIENT' meant in the FR318 VPN
configuration screen ??

Is it possible to configure a SITE to SITE VPN between Netgear FR318
and non Netgear firewall ? Using the 'VPN CLIENT' option ??

Any help most appreciated.




This is a very new NETGEAR ADSL router. It looks like a
really good router, it's got VPN pass thru, and everything.

I've just installed this ADSL router (connected with Demon)
and it works great for normal internet access.

However, when I try to do a CISCO Client VPN connect (which
works over a simple modem connection) I can connect and
negotiate, but then the internet connection dies (all

The CISCO VPN client is v4.0. I tried this on windows
it didn't even negotiate. On Linux it did negotiate
and connect successfully. But then no internet access.

Cisco VPN client:-

-rw-r--r--    1 root     root      3696640 Nov 27 18:46 vpnclient-linux-4.0.Rel-k9.tar

Netgear allowed inbound ports:-

ALLOW always
Send to: (Linux Server)

Yes everything. No other special rules, NO DMZ, etc.

I have to actually reboot my linux 2.4.21 v7.2 Redhat
machine to be able to connect back to the internet
(not very good, this is a windows type requirement).

Has anyone else had better luck with this ?

Please CC: me on any replies, I can receive them very


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