VPN connection problem

VPN connection problem

Post by Wolfgang Schol » Fri, 21 Jun 2002 22:28:57

I trying a telnet to a VPN tunnel. A Windows 2000 client within a network
has the WatchGuard VPN client installed. Now the VPN tunnel is established
throught a firewall (Evidian NetWall) over the internet to another firewall
(WatchGuard Firebox). The VPN tunnel is right now (system tray icon from
WatchGuard shows the key inside the icon - so the tunnel is OK).
The imported WatchGuard configuration allows all ports to all IP addresses
behind the firewall.
Now I to a telnet 'address', where 'address' is the IP address from a server
behind the remote firewall (WatchGuard). But, the telnet doesn't get any
A route print shows, that the target ip-address has as gateway the local
firewall (NetWall), and here the firewall blocks correctly the outgoing
telnet session.
So, it seems for me, that the telnet doesn't go throught the VPN tunnel.
What's wrong here?

Thanks for help


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Hi all,

I've recently switched over to a Linksys wireless router (WRT54GS) and I've
also updated the firmware to the latest revision from the Linksys website.  
When I try to connect to my company's VPN using the Cisco client, I am
able to successfully get a connection, but then I can't bring up any
network resources.  I can't terminal in to a remote machine or run any
applications that use network data.  When I connect my cable modem directly
to the internet without the router, the VPN works fine.

Any help would be appreciated!

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