VPN Connection Problem

VPN Connection Problem

Post by Grayson Hilt » Thu, 28 Jun 2001 23:10:47

I am trying to get a VPN to work.  I am using a Windows 98 computer to
connect to a Netopia R 7200 router then to a NT 4 server.  I have read
the Tech notes on the Netopia web site and have followed them.

When I try to connect to the VPN through dial-up networking it shows
me the Verifying user name and password dialog but does not go any
further.  I can then telnet to the router on look at the WAN Event
history log and it shows the following information.

06/27/01 08:45:49   PPP: CCP negotiated, session 6, type: MPPE
06/27/01 08:45:46   PPP: MSCHAP-v2 we accepted remote, Channel 6
06/27/01 08:45:46   PPP: NCP up, session 6, Channel 6
06/27/01 08:45:43   PPP: Channel 6 up, Answer
06/27/01 08:45:43   PPTP: IP up, rem:, via:

This looks like I am logged on to the router.  When I look at the
security log on the NT server there is no logon attempt by the remote
user or the router.  I think the problem is that the router is not
sending the information to the Server.  I do have a profile set up for
the server on the router, which I believe is what is supposed to
handle the logon procedure and information exchange with the server.
I am at loss on what is the next step to take.  Does anyone have any

Grayson Hilton


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When I try to connect to my company's VPN using the Cisco client, I am
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