cdparanoia: super-robust audio CD reader (cdda2wav rewrite) for Linux

cdparanoia: super-robust audio CD reader (cdda2wav rewrite) for Linux

Post by Christopher Montgome » Tue, 17 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hello folks,

I'm announcing a prerelease (for diverse hardware testing purposes) of
cdparanoia (Paranoia-III) for Linux.  This version is no longer distributed
as a patch to cdda2wav, but is rather a complete, ground-up rewrite of the
entire cdda2wav package stressing clean code, robustness of core features,
and  reliability on as diverse a range of CDROM drives as possible.
Cdparanoia alpha release 2 can be downloaded from the CDDA Paranoia homepage

Cdparanoia is a utility for reading tracks from audio CDs as data.  It then
either saves the track in a file or sends the data to standard output in WAV,
AIFC or raw (MSB or LSB first) format.  In addition to basic reading,
cdparanoia enforces strict alignment checking and data verification, totally
eliminating jitter and spurious samples common to most CDROM drives
(cdparanoia will not only eliminate intersector/interread jitter, but also
handle drives that suffer from loss of streaming errors during atomic read
operations).  Cdparanoia also handles scratch detection and repair of
damaged audio discs (NOTE: This prelease does not yet have anti-scratch
features enabled).

Other cdparanoia features of cdda2wav include extra-robust error handling,
complete autosensing of hardware configuration (no compile time configuration),
and all interface and paranoia functions available in library form (use
Paranoia III in your own applications!).  

The purpose of this prerelease is to test cdparanoia on hardware unavailable to
me personally; although the release is labelled 'alpha', the package is likely
very stable on most ATAPI and SCSI CDROM drives.  I'm especially looking for
folks to test this package on older proprietary CDROM interfaces (ie, the
Creative Labs /dev/sbpcd interface, etc), and on cutting edge kernel versions.

More information and lots of documentation is available on the CDDA Paranoia
homepage listed above.




1. how to correct jitter with cdda2wav 0.8 (linux) on cd-writer?


I am trying to use my cdrecorder to read digital audio with cdda2wav 0.8
under Linux. The recorder is a Yamaha cdr200t.

cdda2wav wont seem to let me enable jitter correction with the -P
option and keep disabling it because it finds a cdrecorder instead of a
cdrom player. However I dont get identical copies of the audio tracks
every time and thus I suspect some jitter in the samples.

Can anyone help me out on this.

Please mail in addition to posting if possible.



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