direct copy from audio-cd

direct copy from audio-cd

Post by olli » Mon, 22 Dec 1997 04:00:00

How can I copy a AUDIO-CD, without digitizing  track for track? And where
can I find a program for this?


1. IDE CD-ROM to IDE CD-R direct copy (audio/data) -- Works!!!

A lot of people have problems with copying from a CD-ROM drive to a CD-R
drive directly, especially in audio. I have my system set up to do that
without any problems. So far I have made over 10 disks this way in both 1x
and 2x and had no problems (knock on wood). Here is my set up:

P200, 64 MB EDO RAM, 3.8 G Maxtor HD (on first IDE), Panasonic 24X CD-ROM on
second IDE, ATI all-in-wonder video card with 4MB, SONY 20 inch monitor,
SCSI Microtek Scanner, 28.8 External modem, SB AWE32 Sound blaster sound
card, Mistumi 2600TE IDE CD-R (firmware 2.26, Oct, 1997) connected to the
AWE32 IDE port. Running Windows 95 (SR2) with IE 4.0 installed. CD-R
softwares are EZCD pro 2.11 and EZCD creater 3.0. CD-R media: SONY, KAO,
Pioneer, 3M Imation.

The Panasonic 24X CD-ROM is very fast, so burning data CD from CD-ROM to
CD-R is not a problem. Both 1X and 2X works well. The Panasonic 24X CD-ROM
is also very fast in DAE, I can get about 780K/s if I test the DAE. On the
other hand, the Mistumi 2600TE DAE is slow and is only about 200 K/s. I have
no problem burning audio CD from CD-ROM drive to CD-R drive at 2X. I bet if
I have a 4X writer, I should be able to burn it at 4X. All audio CD sound as
good as the original with no pop and no added noise. The Panasonic IDE 24X
CD-ROM is cheap (only 85 dollars) and I would recommend it to anyone.

One interesting discovery for me was that if I connected the CD-R as the
Master drive on the second IDE port. Windows 95 did not even boot!  After
several hours of frustrations, I put the CD-R on the AWE 32 IDE port and it
worked! Maybe because the AWE 32 IDE uses another IRQ on my system? I have
no idea why this is the case but it would be another thing to try if you
have experience the same problem.


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