Audio CD-Copy Flag "Copy Prohibited"

Audio CD-Copy Flag "Copy Prohibited"

Post by express » Sun, 26 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Some audio CDs are "Copy Prohibited" according to Toast Audio Extractor.
They cannot be directly burned to CDRs or even sampled to other formats
and later burned without errors stopping the process.

Can someone inform me on getting around this? Or point me toward an
appropriate FAQ page? Anything?



1. "Audio Copy Prohibited"

I am trying to figure out how to use Adaptec's CD-Copy 1.02e with my
Quadra840av...  (System 7.6.1)    ...repeatedly I find that the audio CDs
that I wish to copy say "Audio Copy Prohibited."  Is this perhaps some
sort of copy protection that these CDs use?  (I thought making CD-R copies
of tracks selected from various CDs was an easy thing to do...)

I did find one CD where this didn't occur (ie., didn't say "Audio Copy
Prohibited") -- a bootleg CD -- but then, while attempting to save a
single track to my hard drive I repeatedly encountered the following

Error while copying tracks
ioErr (-36)
an I/O error occurred

I am a complete CD-R novice and I'm trying to figure out as much as
possible before investing in a CD-RW drive.  Any help (or pointers to
help) will be most appreciated.  Please remember that I am a Mac user.

I would like to know 3 things ideally:

1  How to make a simple exact CD-R copy of an audio CD?

2  The best way to make CD-R copies of old vinyl records?

3  The best way to make CD-R copies of old cassette tapes?


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