Third Roxio Direct CD Question

Third Roxio Direct CD Question

Post by Kami » Fri, 20 Jun 2003 23:23:43

This occurred with my old CD drive and software and with the new setup, with
both CD-R's and RW's:

When I first insert a CD, the window saying that Direct CD is ready comes up.
This continues with as many CD's as I insert.

But if I insert a CD which was previously inserted -- without rebooting -- the
Direct CD splash screen doesn't appear.

With the old setup and CD-R's, this lead to problems (mentioned in my first
post) for which I had to use CD scandisk, and the data didn't record... and the
CD became corrupted.  (There was also a CD-RW which lost all its data, but I
don't remember the circumstance.)

With the new setup, I seem to be able to record on CD-RW's after inserting them
again before rebooting.  I don't know about the CD-R's; I still have a couple of
CD-R's that I'm using with Direct CD, but I don't re-insert them w/o rebooting.

Thanks again for any feedback.

email to furpods at mindspring dot com


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If I am posting to a NG I shouldn't, please let me know

Perhaps I am expecting these programs to do something they can't do.  They
came with my Memorex CD-Rewriter.

I want to copy Word files across to a CD-R, and send it to friend who can
open and use the files normally in Word, editing and saving his changes.

It seems to me the programs create only read-only stuff.  If so, I see no
point in them, and would be better off with (my old) Iomega Zip.


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