HP 4020i fail to mount some burned CD

HP 4020i fail to mount some burned CD

Post by Eric » Thu, 04 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have many problems with HP 4020i : i got cd burned on Yamaha
and Philips CD-522 and some of these CD are unreadable in the
after inserted, lights flahs green but goest out...

Some CDR are mounted successfully...

Have you already have this problem?

I wait firmware update 1.26 from HP; if problems subsit then i
will buy a Yamaha... ;)

Thnks for your idees...


1. HP 4020i burns OK but reads only factoy CDs, no CDRs (regardless where burnt)

a friend of mine has abovementioned problem
the drive LED even stops flashing when a non-empty CDR is inserted
no change even after successfully upgrading firmware to 1.27
any help would be appreciated, thanks

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