HELP Need drivers Sanyo CDR-H94smv

HELP Need drivers Sanyo CDR-H94smv

Post by Lionel Cr » Wed, 29 Nov 1995 04:00:00

A friend purchased a pc fromm a store on rt-23, anyway the store
never gave him the cd-rom drivers.  If anyone outthere has a Sanyo
CDR-H94SMV I would appreciate if you could send me the drivers for this

Thank You



1. Sanyo CDR-H94SMV SCSI CD-ROM drive


Has anybody successfully hooked this CD-ROM drive up and got it to work
correctly? If so, what SCSI interface card / chip set are you using?
I'm having a bunch of problems with this drive (connected to a MediaVision
ProSonic 16 SCSI soundcard), and am trying to sort out where the problem

I can't figure out where the termination is for this drive. No mention
of termination is made anywhere in the docs, and there doesn't appear
to be any place for termination on the drive. Is it terminated by default,
with no option to remove the termination?

Alternately, has anybody had success using the MV ProSonic 16 SCSI card
to control other SCSI CD-ROM drives?

Thanks for any info.

Erik Teose

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