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kan me iemand zeggen wat een orginele progamma van exel kost?

dank u.


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Hi out there.

I'm developing a Excel-based graphical front end for a scientific data
visualization application and I just ran into a major problem:
I need to place my controls into some kind of floating tool bar (so that they
can be moved around if necessary), but as you cannot place normal controls
into a real Excel toolbar, I have to simulate one. I cannot rely on dialog
style user interaction, because pressing a button to invoke a dialog is
unsuitable in this case.

I thought I could draw some rectangles to mimic a window with small caption,
place my controls into this area and just track mouse movements and mouse
button states to check if the user wants to move the window around the screen,
but I did not find a property or something which lets me track these events.
As far as I know, Excel does not supply window handles, DC's and the like, so
I do not think I can use normal Windows API calls without very much effort.

There are custom controls like MessageBlaster for Visual Basic, but
unfortunately, Excel does not support VBXs (thank you, Microsoft, good
thinking :-<)

So: if anyone has a suggestion how to create something like a floating tool
bar in Excel 5.0, I would be _REAL_ grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Bye, Dirk


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