Anyone successfully ripped an audio cd with Latitude CPi Sanyo Torisan 20x speed???

Anyone successfully ripped an audio cd with Latitude CPi Sanyo Torisan 20x speed???

Post by Hans Kw » Mon, 22 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Latitude owners,

I tried as far as I know all settings available in Audiograbber and
other ripper software to get a decent wav rip from an audio cd. In all
settings I get distorted sound,  even without the warning light for
possible speed errors flashing

Sound recorder from Windows 95 seems to give the best sound.

System information:
        Windows 95 OSR 2
        Dell Latitude  Cpi 266 Mhz
        Sanyo Torisan 20x speed
        scsi1hlp.vxd version 4.00.950 (not the a or B version)

If anyone has a good working setup, please send me the information.

Thanks in advance,
Hans Kwee


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