BTC CdROM Powers down system

BTC CdROM Powers down system

Post by Pat Barbe » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I recently purchased a couple of BTC 24X Cd-roms from a
wholesaler and when I installed one of them in an old
IBM 350 which I installed W/95.... The install went fine
but after the install, when W/95 tried to access the Cd
drive, it would actually power down the system !!!!!

I realize these cd's are not the most expensive in the world
but still, it shouldn't actually knock the system down....

Anybody else seen this happen before ???????

By the way... theses drives apparently work just fine
with W/3.1 ..........

I replace the cd with a digtral research drive and everything
works fine now.... is it the drive or W/95 ??????


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I'm having trouble with my cd-rom drive constantly powering up and down.  It
is causing audio cds to skip and aggravating pauses in data cds.  It is a
BTC 24x internal with windows 95.  Any ideas?

Power management is disabled, settings in the control panel - system are set
to quad or higher speed and supplemental cache size to full, k6-233
processor with 64 megs of ram and a 5.25 Fujitsu UDMA hard drive.


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