Yamaha 400t CR-R Problem

Yamaha 400t CR-R Problem

Post by Jerry Bezdiki » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:02:17

I've recently been getting numerous hardware error messages when trying to
write files to my Yamaha 400t (using a Mac Power PC beige mini tower and
Adaptec Toast), but no problems in burning audio cds. Not having updated
the drives rom in many years, I thought that might help with this problem.
When I attempted to update to firmware Version 1.0q the drive froze with
both amber lights on continuously (not flashing). I can't seem to get the
drive un-frozen and recognized by my Mac (operating system 8.6).

My hardware set-up is obviously quite old, but financial issues have kept
me from upgrading. I'd hate to have to buy another external scsi drive,
when the next Mac that I purchase (hopefully soon) will come equipped with

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Please reply via e-mail as well as
to this group.

Thank you in advance.


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Six months ago I bought a Yamaha 400t recorder, and have been working
perfectly since then, but about three weeks ago have begun to give problems,
It breaks discs with different errors (buffer underrun, track error, etc).

Have anybody had the same problems?
Is there any way to solve them?
Is my recorder almost die?

Thank you very much!!

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